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Get professional tax preparation services from our experienced team of tax experts. We provide tailored solutions to ensure accurate filing and maximize tax savings for businesses of any size.

Tax preparation for business can be a daunting task, but we at IBI make it as easy as we can.

While we always walk our clients through the process, It’s important to take the time to ensure all the information needed is properly saved and accurate even before we start your filing. To make the process easier, there are a few key steps that you should follow.

First, make sure you have all the necessary documents and records needed to fill out your tax returns. This includes income statements, receipts, etc. Check out our blog for a small business tax preparation checklist.

Second, research and find a qualified professional who can help you with your taxes. Look for someone who is certified by the IRS and has years of experience in tax preparation - like us! We can provide valuable advice on how to reduce your taxes and ensure everything is done correctly.

Finally, once we have finished the year-end tax planning services and filed your taxes, stay organized throughout the year by keeping track of all your finances and income statements in one place.
This will enable you to quickly access any information that may be needed when filing your taxes. Doing so will also help ensure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten when it comes time to prepare the return for next year.

These are basic, broad steps that when followed will assure that your tax preparation will go smoothly, and come tax season you won’t have any surprises!

We recognize that preparing taxes for your business can be a complex and time-consuming process; however, it doesn’t have to be. Tax preparation for business requires planning and preparation to ensure its success. We keep up with the ever-changing tax codes, regulations, and laws essential for ensuring our clients businesses stay compliant and that we are minimizing their tax liability. Consider our services to ensure you’re ready for tax season.


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    Important Business Tax Preparation Tips

    Year-end tax planning services

    Year-end tax planning services are essential for businesses of any size. We at IBI have several experienced CPA’s and tax attorneys who can provide valuable insight into the tax laws and regulations that can help you plan and make the best decisions for your business with a plan you can follow throughout the year.

    International compliance tax services

    International compliance tax services are necessary for businesses that operate outside their home country. These services can help with filing foreign taxes and staying compliant with international regulations.

    IBI’s business tax controversy services

    iBi’s business tax controversy services help businesses resolve conflicts with the IRS or other taxing authorities. Yes, we can assist you in understanding your tax liabilities and developing a centralized international strategy to resolve any issues. We also actively work to set up and maintain your company’s policies and systems to avoid potential future tax controversy. The bottom line? Should a tax controversy arise for our clients, iBi is prepared to act as a “bridge” between the tax authorities and the company.

    Corporate tax accounting

    Corporate tax accounting can help you analyze your business taxes and develop strategies to minimize your liability. Our corporate tax accountants can help you understand the laws and regulations that apply to your business and develop strategies to reduce your taxes.

    US tax reform services

    US tax reform services are necessary for businesses to stay up-to-date on changes in US tax laws and regulations. Any of our experienced CPA’s or tax attorneys can provide guidance and assistance in understanding the changes and how they may affect your business.

    What are IBI’s Pass-through Tax Services?

    A significant part of our tax preparation for businesses includes pass-through tax services which are designed to help businesses manage taxes on pass-through income, such as LLCs and S Corporations. There are regulations and filing requirements associated with pass-through taxes that we can help you understand as we prepare your business tax filing.

    Online tax preparation for small businesses

    Online tax preparation for small businesses can be tempting when you want to try to mitigate the average cost of tax preparation – we completely understand and even encourage this! We can work with your choice of software or even recommend one to suit your needs. Using software means that you will have more complete and accurate records than someone who did not. In truth, the cost could be considered negligible as the cost of the software and our services are considered deductible.

    How do I Prepare to File My Business Taxes with IBI?

    Tax preparation for a business includes assessing the scope of services, pricing, target market, marketing strategies, receipts and financial statements to show the business’s financial journey thus far. and projections. With this information we can see exactly what we can do for you when filing your axes based on regulatory requirements.

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    Get your immigration and tax issues solved with ease. Contact us for more information.

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      Sometimes proper accounting requires personal conversations and knowledge to find applicable deductions and more that apply to you and your business. It makes our team especially happy if you have been tracking your business finances all year, but we would love to work with you either way. This leads us to why it is important to consider using our tax preparation services for business.

      Business tax preparation services are best suited for businesses without in-house accounting or bookkeeping who do not have the time or resources to complete their taxes on their own.

      If you, like many others, find that keeping track of everything is daunting enough, and you’d like professional tax preparation services for business tax filings, IBI provides timely, accurate, and professional tax filing services to ensure you are compliant with the IRS.

      We at IBI know that tax preparation for business encompasses a variety of services such as preparation, planning, and consulting. Preparation involves setting up the necessary documents and forms to file your taxes correctly while planning and consulting services help businesses develop strategies to minimize their tax liabilities.

      Business Tax FAQs

      We have the experts, know-how and connections to help you succeed and most of all we want you to succeed! We have the means to help you, and we understand that you likely have questions. Check out our FAQs on how we can help you and let’s get started. 

      Every year. For Corporate taxes their due date is March 15 and for your Personal Taxes due date is April 15

      Corporations and Personal taxes are given 6 months extension if you file an extension September 15 and October 15.

      Social Security Documents. Income statements such as W2, Misc-1099s. Tax deduction records. Expense receipts. Tax forms that report other types of income such as K1s for trusts, partnerships and S corporations.

      Business, Personal, Payroll and Sales Tax Filings Services

      Tax plan is a process of reviewing various options for conducting business and personal transactions for the purpose of reducing tax liability.

      Tax preparation fees start from $129.00 and goes up depending on how many forms need to be filed.

      The minimum income depends on filing status and age, For example 2021 the minimum for single filing status if under 65 is $12,550.00. Also how your earned income is being reported. For example, If you are self employed (cash base income) any amount $600.00 and over you are required to file your taxes.

      Many things can factor from the change of employment, increased income, self-employment income, change in dependents, underpaying tax liability.

      Gather all your tax documents, along with proof of identity and make sure no one else can claim you as a dependent.

      You can reach out to one of our offices or you can go to the website and click on where’s my refund.

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