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Immigration FAQs

We made a diagnosis of your profile based on your specific case, any question you may have regarding your process, will be cleared during a consultancy. The professional advice does not have a time limit, our objective is to clear your doubts.

The Consular Officer is the only person authorized to approve or deny any application, it is under his disposition and/or consideration. Due to this, we can’t guarantee the approval of your application. If someone guarantees for it to be approved, it is probably a fraud. What we Can guarantee is the correct process for your application as well as professional attention.

We have consultancies over the phone or through a video call on WhatsApp. For these modalities, is necessary to make the payment previous to the meeting and notify us via email or WhatsApp.

The cost of the consultancy is $25 usd, it does not have a time limit since we care about solving any doubt you may have.

The Visa B1 allows you to travel to the United States for touristic purposes, to visit family or for medical reasons; while the Visa B1 is to travel for business purposes. Both the Visa B1 and the B2 are for a temporary stay and are not valid to obtain a job in the United States of America territory.

  • Valid passport (more than 6 months)
  • Complete the form DS-160
  • Create an account in the Visas Department
  • Make the payment of the corresponding taxes 
  • Schedule and attend to the meeting in the CAS (Attention to Requests Center)
  • Have the backup documentation for your interview
  • Go to the invertiré at the American Consulate

There isn’t a way to determine what are the chances of getting a Visa. No one can guarantee that your Visa will be approved. Nevertheless, if you fill the form correctly and meet the other requirements, the probabilities increase significantly.

Currently, the cost of the application for the Tourist Visa is of $160 USD or its equivalent in Mexican pesos. For minors, the price is of $16 USD and it is valid for 9 years. It only applies in family appointments and one of the parents already has a Visa. If not approved, you must cover the full payment the next time you try.

  • Passport with 6 months of validity 
  • Printed confirmation of the form DS-160 
  • Original proof of payment

The reasons why you were not chosen to obtain the American Visa are variable, it could be an error on the data provided in the form DS-160; not having convinced the Consular Agent that your tourist/business trip was temporary; not demonstrating you have enough budget to cover your expenses during your stay; not demonstrating strong work roots, proof of studies or family relations in your country of origin to guarantee that you will come back after your legal and temporary visit.

Also, it could be denied simply because of the suspicions the Consular Officer that you will use the visa for different purposes, instead of what the Visa B1/B2 was destined for.

It is possible to apply again, nevertheless, some Consulates set a period of at least 6 months to repeat the process. It is important to take into consideration that applying for a second time does not guarantee for it to be approved. It is necessary to know the cause why the first application failed in order to correct it.

  • Do not stay in American territory for more time than what is allowed
  • Avoid working or getting a payment for doing some kind of labor
  • Don’t do any academic studies because the Visa B1/B2 is only for touristic and business purposes
  • Having use public insurance and not paying it.

Even when the Visa is approved, the migration agent can deny your entrance. If the migratory control officer that receives you at customs or in the migratory line asks some questions and finds inconsistencies in your answers, for instance: purpose of the trip, days of stay, address of the accommodations, etc, has the authority to deny the access.

It is recommended to renew the Visa 3 months before it expires. It is possible that it is not necessary to have another interview with the Consular Agent, nevertheless, you will be asked the following:


  • You must have your previous American Visa because you will need to had it in
  • Have your passport with more than 6 months until the expiry date 
  • Never have been arrested or deported from the United States, never have had any problems with customs or border patrols when trying to enter the United States

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