Meet the Team

alex and abraham iBi Team

Our Core Values


We are the team you need to realize your Business and Immigration Dreams!


We customize strategies that fit your needs to obtain your business and immigration goals.


Trust, Transparency, Honesty, Education, and Results.

iBi Team

Abraham Sais

“This journey began as a personal project for social support to the immigrants in the United States of America, whose rights were undermined due to the terrorist attack on September 11; when new laws and more rigid reforms were approved, families were separated.  In response to that inhuman act and to give the immigrant community a voice, Legal Key was formed. Their goal is to reunite families and help them on the thorny path that usually comes when migrating to the United States of America.

With a specialized and up-to-date team on American immigration laws, we have implemented an efficient method to assist our clients by being empathetic and strategic throughout their immigration process.”

Alexandra Rodriguez

“Serving my IRBusiness clients was one of my biggest passions because it gave me the enjoyment of knowing I was helping them by making a positive impact in their business and tax life.

Nonetheless, I always felt that immigration services was a missing component, since most of my clients are latin, I wasn’t sure if I was doing them right regarding their future immigration goals.

I often told them “Go ask your immigration attorney if I can do this business or tax strategy for you without hindering your immigration status or filing.”

Most immigration attorneys had no clue either.

I knew I needed to find the right immigration firm with the same core values and principles as I have ran my business with (Trust, Honesty, Education and Results).

It took me over 10 years to find someone like Abraham of LegalKey, when we met it was business love at first sight and then iBi was born.

Now, I am fully confident that I’m servicing my foreign clients in way that helps their business, tax and immigration dreams comes true.”

Meet the Team

Abraham Sais

CEO/Mx Attorney/Founder

Gem Rodriguez Redondo

Sr. Tax Dept Manager

Gabriela Hurtado

Accounting Dept. Manager

Walter Jimenez

Tax Specialist & Office Administrator

Amy Jimenez

Accounting Specialist

Maria Gonsalez

iBi Controller/ Treasury

America Hernandez

Payroll Manager and Business Formation Specialist

Ana Karen Cordero

Business Formation Specialist

Heidi Torres

iBi Professional Reps

Jennifer Huerta

Tax Office Assistant

Armando F Navarro

Sales Manager and Business Advisor

Samantha Navarro

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Anaibelca Rivas

Licensed Attorney in Mexico iBi Professional Representative

Paulina Hernandez

Licensed Attorney in Mexico iBi Professional Representative

John Duenas

Sr. Tax Department Manager and Head Strategist

What our client says

Client Testimonial

About 10 years ago I was in dire need of Business and Tax help… Then I met IRBusiness and things have been running great ever since. I appreciate all her help and experience with everything. Her entire team has an abundance of knowledge and i trust them thoroughly, I couldn't ask for a more reliable set of people in my corner.

Bertha Gonzalez Ben's Tires and Brakes

After using three different bookkeepers I finally found a place where I felt welcomed and appreciated. I was no longer a file with a name, I was a person that was treated with respect. All my needs and my questions were always answered I knew I had found my perfect bookkeeping service. Everyone has a welcoming smile and the friendly atmosphere is felt throughout every visit I do. Customer service goes above and beyond always.

Luz Gonzalez Luceros Bakery

I’ve been working with you because you and your team have provided me with accurate, up to date financial information that has helped me grow my business as well as strategy development.

Adrian Acosta On Time Rooter and Plumbing Guys Inc

For your excellent service, your great work team, your professionalism with which you handle your clients.

Karina Lopez Casa Latina Furniture LLC

For some years now I have worked for a company remotely from Mexico because I did not have the appropriate visas that would allow me to travel to America and work there legally. I lost many opportunities to advance in my career, for this same reason of not having a proper Visa, all of this changed when I met iBi. This amazing company helped me obtain the correct visa allowing me to travel and work in the United States of America legally. Thanks to iBi I have a stable job in America that I love working at but most importantly it was all processed and achieved legally.

Claudia Gabriela Hurtado Ambriz

My husband and I had a very positive experience obtaining our TN and TD visa thanks to the iBi Team. Their way of addressing our concerns whether through phone or email was concise and professional. I highly recommend them to everyone; because the iBi team gives an excellent service experience.

Mary Carmen Trujillo

Excellent treatment and trained staff. It was a really good experience

Angel Herrera

They have really good attorneys. Excellent advice …thank you for helping me.

Susan Ramos