Taxation & Immigration Firm

Legal Key/Sais & Associates, the third largest immigration firm in Mexico, and IRBusiness, one of California’s best accounting firms and tax specialists have united to become
iBi – International Business and Immigration.

The firm’s team of experienced lawyers and tax consultants will be able to provide expert advice on all aspects of the highly specific U.S. immigration and tax laws. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from general tax consulting to cross-border business structuring – all tailored to address each client’s specific needs. Our expert guidance is backed by decades of experience in the field and appreciated by all of our previous (and happily returning) clients. 

We’re Experts in:

Tax Solutions
Business Solutions
Legal & Immigration

iBi serves clients through offices in Mexico, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. We’re able to serve you with the local knowledge and expertise you need. You can count on us for expert advice on all aspects of US immigration and tax laws – including complex issues that are specific to your needs. We offer a wide range of services, including general tax consulting, cross-border business structuring, and more – all specific to what you need at the time and with consideration of what you will need in the future.

Tax and Immigration Experts

We’re the best immigration lawyers for your needs.

iBi is a firm that offers expertise in all aspects of US immigration law, from work visas to family petitions. It’s not just about getting into the country, it’s about making your stay in the country a legally-sanctioned one. With us, you’ll always have peace of mind in knowing that you’re following policy and complying with all the necessary legalities.

We know that when it comes to complex business and immigration issues, you want a team of professionals with experience in the US and Mexico. And that’s why we’ve put together a team of experts who not only have specific knowledge of how U.S. tax laws work but also know how to navigate Mexican tax law as well. Our presence in Mexico and the United States illustrates our local knowledge, and our team is fluent in both Spanish and English. We are here to help you however we can.